The rich menu of Theofanis Family Tavern satisfies different tastes and demanding palates. 

It includes authentic Greek dishes such as moussaka, meatballs, stuffed vegetables, all made with fresh ingredients and according to traditional recipes, fairly receiving the "mommy’s food" title. It also includes titbits and appetizers from the local cuisine of the island, such as courgette with cheese, tomatoballs and the famous fava of Santorini.

On daily basis, Mrs Tasoula prepares unique pies, putting all her art to the kneading of the dough. Do not miss to taste the fennel pie, with fresh aromatic fennel and cheese, as well as the pastourmadopita (cured beef pie).

There are some special dishes as well, definitely worth tasting, like chicken stuffed with cream cheese, sun-dried tomato and arugula, as well as mushrooms with cream sauce and aged Vinsanto wine, and finally the pancetta salad in tortilla nest with strawberries. These are unique flavours, not to be found anywhere else on the island!

You wil also have the chance to taste various grilled meats like souvlaki, handmade burgers, the kebabs, the lamb chops, etc. 

The seafood lovers will enjoy sea bream, swordfish, sea bass, sea bream, squid and shrimp in different variations, either grilled or cooked, but always fresh and nicely prepared.

As for desserts? They are handmade and include syrup sweets like baklava, kataifi and ekmek with pistachio from Aegina, but also banofi, chocolate souffle that can be served with ice cream, milk cream or with orange peel, and cheesecake... Their preparation is a daily procedure, beggining in the kitchen of the restaurant each morning, so that the customers of Theofanis tavern enjoy them fresh after lunch or dinner.

Cooking wants passion and pure ingredients. This is why we use our own products, our “chloro” cheese, cherry tomatoes and spring onions from our garden. To be sure that what you get on your plate is Greek, tasty and of high quality.

Your meal or dinner in Theofanis ends with a delicious home-made dessert. Always hand-made, according to traditional recipes, and after experimenting for the best flavour results, our dessert menu includes syrup desserts like baklava, kataifi, ekmek with pistacchio from Aegina island, but also banofi, chocolate souffle and cheesecake. The chocolate souffle is served in many variations, so as to enjoy it as you wish: with ice cream, rich milk cream or even in a bitter-sweet version with orange peel.

Their preparation is a daily procedure in the kitchen of Theofanis, so that our guests enjoy our desserts at their best!

Mrs Tasoula is an expert in traditional bread making. From choosing the right flours and kneading the dough by hand, till home baking it, she pays attention to every little detail, so that you enjoy amazing traditional bread, plus delicious pies!